Maths Tuition
with Raoul Fuss

Helping students in Primary, Middle and High Schools
to improve their Maths performance.

Maths Levels
and Systems Taught

Grades 5 to 13
IGCSE (Core and Extended Levels)
PSAT and SAT Maths
IB Maths (Analysis and Approaches SL and Applications and Interpretation SL)

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My Qualifications

B.A. degree (University of South Africa), Arts and Education Diploma (Helderberg College), B.Sc. degree in Mathematics (University of Cape Town), Graduate Certificate in Education (University of Rhodesia).

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Tuition Fees

Maths tutoring with Raoul Fuss

I normally suggest

A 1 hour session once a week.
However, longer or shorter classes can be arranged.

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My Teaching Experience

I taught Maths for most of my teaching career in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and in South Africa. Since 1994 I have been a private Maths tutor in Geneva. Most of my students have been from the Middle and Secondary Schools of the International School of Geneva (La Grande Boissière campus). I have assisted students following IB Studies and IB Standard Levels since 1994.

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