Tuition Fees

Length of Classes

Most of my classes are for 1 hour.

Now and again for younger children the parents and I may decide that the pupil can only manage 30 or 45 minutes (the fee being the fraction of an hour's class).

Some students have asked for two 1-hour sessions per week.

Sometimes, especially just before the exams, a student will ask for a 2-hour session.

I can organize the class according to the needs of each student.

I charge CHF 100 per hour at my place.

I charge CHF 150 per hour at the student's home.

{Over the years many of the parents who worked for United Nations organizations or for multinationals have had my fees reimbursed by their employing organizations by up to 75% or fully depending on their contracts if the parent can state that his/her child needs special Maths reinforcement.}