Maths Levels And Systems Taught

I have taught Maths in Primary and Middle School Levels, Secondary School and Teacher Training Levels. In Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) I taught Cambridge Maths (O-Level) for many years. Here in Geneva I have worked with students writing the British IGCSE Exams and O-Level and A-Level Exams.

I have worked with students of the International School of Geneva (La Grande Boissière Campus) since 1994 from the Middle School up to to High School, including students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme (Maths Studies and Standard Levels). At my desk I have the latest official IB Maths Studies and Standard Question Banks on my laptop. Thus for students preparing for tests or their final Maths exams, I can revise a topic fully, such as Correlation Coefficient or the Normal Distribution in a 1-hour session, then I print out questions relative to the topic.

I have taught students in both of the new IB subjects: Maths: Analysis and Approaches SL and Maths: Applications and Interpretation SL.

The Question Bank provides at the same time, not only the solution, but the various steps leading to the correct answer. I print the question and the working, and I cover up the working out of the answer while the student attempts the question.
We see if he/she can arrive at the correct answer, and if not, we look at the answer to see where the student went wrong. At the end of the lesson the student can take the various questions home for his/her reference. In the latest IB exams in May my two Studies students, who had both previously had many difficulties in their Maths, were each delighted to get a "5" for Maths out of a maximum of "7".

Maths classes can be given in English or French.